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Nas is Lost about Lost MC’s

Second update centering around something Nas says on his new album. For some reason I’m really fascinated by his rekindled love-interest with hip-hop, because on one hand it’s cool that he’s name checking all the artists I enjoyed growing up, on the other hand it kinda seems like it’s mostly done for the sake of having a topic to rhyme about.

Take “Where are the now” for one.
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Old kids on the block

I always found it funny someone would refer to themselves as “kid” long into adulthood. Nas, who’s in his mid-30’s constantly says stuff like “like my girl Foxy, the kid went deaf/Def” and “the kid got his chipped-tooth fixed”. But even moreso it’s hilarious when someone chooses kid as a name, ‘cause either their careers will only last as long as childstar actors (IE until their voice changes or they pick up a nasty coke-habit) or they’ll be some old-ass kids on the block.

Here’s a few examples:
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Bad News Allen ambushed on Wikipedia

Bad News Allen is known for being a sneaky wrestler. At Wrestlemania IV , when he was known as Bad News Brown, he turned on fellow heel Bret Hart in the battle royal, which started a ten year babyface run for Bret. Now his ex-wife is using my favorite non-accademic encyclopedia “Wikipedia” to do some ambushing on her own. Here’s the quote:
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Breaking news: wrestling incites to killings just like hiphop

Remember in the early 90’s when a kid was arrested for shooting a Texas State trooper upon which his defenselawyer cited that the teenager should be acquitted because he had been listening to – and inspired by – 2pac‘s “2pacalypse Now” album, which was in the tapedeck of his car at the time of his killing. Well the defense didn’t work, though it did make 2pac out to look like some type of evil agitator of random violence, and fueled a ban of rap music with violent – and just plain dirty – messages. (I’m sure later lyrics like “cop killers killing cops much props” didn’t help.)
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Bruce “I hate hip-hop” Willis making rap-soap?

Okay I knew something was wrong as soon as I heard the news. I mean, I dig Bruce Willis I think he was great in the 6th Sense and off the hook in 12 Monkeys, but it just didn’t add up. The admitted member of the Republican party, Planet Hollywood owning, presently living in Trump Towers, Bruce Willis is executive producing a rap music soap??

I guess he is. It’s called Word Life, in a move that’ll surely upset some John Cena fans, I mean Chain Gang members, out there. You can view the trailer here in all its glory.

This is just plain wrong for a couple of reasons but they didn’t dawn on me right away. The first one is obvious. Remember The Last Boy Scout? It Willis in the role of bad-ass detectice Joe Hallenbeck and it featured a conversation that went like this:

Milo: You think you are so fucking cool, don’t you? You think you are so fucking cool. But just once, I would like to hear you scream in pain… Joe Hallenbeck: Play some rap music.

You may think that’s just Willis acting, plus he was for god knows which reason signed to Motown Records so he obviously appreciates black music in general. But after a while I realised I had actually read Bruce Willis hates rap in real life as well. It was the book “Naked Under Our Clothes” by former Yo! MTV Raps hosts Dr Dre & Ed Lover. I bought it in Chicago like ten years ago, read it quickly and haven’t really flipped thru it since. But somehow the quote stuck in my head anyways of Ed Lover and Bruce Willis exchanging opinions. I’ve scanned the conversation for you here:

Yeah, that’s right, Bruce Willis ain’t got love for us, so why should he make money off of us? In the words of all-mighty OC (who by chance I hope will sign this album tomorrow) “Word life…it ain’t nothing like the original!”

Acey and I

So I met Aceyalone last night. That’s pretty crunk if I may say so myself. Even in you’re a diehard hiphophead you might not know him, or know of his total impact. But for the knownots just imagine he’s like Rakim and Kool Keith wrapped together in a west coast package. First he rocked a hella good show, then afterwards he shook hands and auto’ed agraphs. As you know I collect, so that’s a nice addition. Thanks to the good people at Mid Week Brakes for letting me in and even attempting to set up an impromtu interview. Short update. I’ll leave you with this:

“Maybe y’all can fall in y’all zone, if all y’all get a little more stoned, ring ding ding, there’s a call on the phone *hold up who dis?*…it’s ACEYALONE!!!” – Golden Mic.