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Me & Muggs: I met a Simpsons character!!

So, I’m back on the blog like I’s Quincy Jones cirka ’89… Granted I haven’t been great at keeping y’all up to date, and let’s be real, I’ll probably forget to do so again soon. But for now, here’s some cool isht: I met a Simpsons character in real life. You may remember the episode Homerpalooza, where Homer quits his job (again) to become a human cannonball stopper on a Lollapalooza-inspired rock-tour. One of the bands playing the tour is the legendary Cypress Hill and of course their DJ/producer was none other than DJ Muggs, leader of The Soul Assassins. Læs videre Me & Muggs: I met a Simpsons character!!

Run run! Rest rest!

There’s been alotta hype about The Simpsons movie that has now been 9 years under way. First we got the Superman tease this summer, and then around new years two TV ads ran with not so promising material. If I have to judge by previous adult cartoons gone to the silver screen I’d have to say it’s looking more like Beavis and Butt-Head do America than South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut. (IE. not so fun).

Læs videre Run run! Rest rest!

Norwegian rapper with (nasty) Simpsons gimmick

Gotta love people giving their own take om The Simpsons these days. First we had Masta Ace’s Spread It Out getting love on the radio, and now our Norwegian brotherbloggers are upping their game as well.

Skurkesprett, seriously deranged MC from Stavanger (aka Sta-BANGER) has opted to use the above pic as cover art for his new release. Defaming all of the cast may seem a little harsh, but hey, props for having non-regulars such as Fat Tony and Kearney featured so prominently!

You can visit Skurkesprett on myspace, and oh, according the foamfinger rating system we award his coverart one of these:

Masta Ace, The Simpsons and this Blog – almost – makes it to the radio

Last Saturday during the broadcast of Klub P3 on Danish National radio this here blog almost came into play. The reason being Szirhley Nova Beanca Rasmussen (sic) asked Noize, veteran battle DJ, if he remembered whether Masta Ace had rocked over a sample of this Simpsons theme. Noize wasn’t quite sure, so he came up with this reply. To my knowledge there’s never been played a PTA track on Noize’s show, but thanks for the shout in any case :-)

Naturally here at the hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling we follow all hybrids of our three spearhead topics, so Masta Ace‘s “Spread It Out” is a classic to us. Produced by Domingo is first saw light on his “Game Over” compilation which had a comic/videogame theme. Aside this track it had “Supa Brooklyn” (Smif N Wessun rocking over the theme for Super Mario Bros), a spliced together collabo between Ace and Eminem and a lot of forgetful crud. But peep the track, it’s double tempo and Ace does his thing with Homer ad lips.

Of course we expect this to be the beginning of a host of media coverage for the blog, so cheers Szhirley and Noize.

Phun Phact: Szhirley herself has covered The Simpsons theme on the short vignette that functions as the opening for Den Gale Pose’s Definitionen af en stodder album.

Breaking news: Bart Simpson is a Scientologist!

Yeah that’s right, the radical, ‘don’t have a cow man’, ‘eye curumba’ El Barto is a member of L Ron Hubbard’s church of Scientology. This may not be news to the American readers (assuming there are any) but in oblivious little Denmark, this piece of information sure hasn’t been shared much. The deal is this, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson (yes Bart is voiced by a 40-something woman, get over it) has been a member of Scientology for years. You can read an interview in which she comments on it here.

What’s kinda nuts about it, is that while The Simpsons has been Bible-bashing, Quaran-crashing and Tora-torching for ages, there have hardly been any mentions of Scientology. There was a show called “The Joy of Sect” where an L Ron Hubbard like character brainwashes America’s favorite dysfunctional family, but that’s about it. Unless you count dubious remarks like Reverend Love Joy calling the band Iron Butterfly >>I. Ron Butterfly, or Apu complaining: “Oh, who needs the infinite compassion of Genisha, when I have Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman staring at me with their dead eyes!”One of the more subtle comments could be when Lisa and Bart are trying to explain to Side Show Bob he’s merely playing second fiddle in a greater scheme:

Bart: “You were just Barlow’s lackey.”
Lisa: “You were Ronny to his Nancy!”
Bart: “Sonny to his Cher!”
Lisa: “Ringo to his rest of the Beatles!”

Ronny to his Nancy is of course a reference to former presidential couple Ronald and Nancy Reagan, but it could also be an inside joke hinting at L:Ron(ny) Hubbard and Nancy Cartwright.

In any case, even though I’m all for the freedom to pick your own religion, hobby, sexual orientation and so forth, I find it just a little eerie that the selfproclaimed “devil in a red shirt”, Bart Simpson is somehow related to Tom Cruise, John Travolta and all the other Scientologists secretly lurking whilst staring at our society…with their dead eyes!

Homer Simpson sez: “MMMMM pizza!”

Having a girlfriend rules. Having a girlfriend that buys me merchandise from The Simpsons is damn near garden of Eden. So it was only right to become overtly ecstatic at the joyous occation where I got this precious thingamagic:

The Homer Simpson pizza slicer, what an invention! When you slice the pizza Homer will say stuff like: “The most beautiful word in the English language: PIZZA!”, “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza-pie – that’s amore!”, “PIZZA, if it tastes good, it must be good for you” and my personal favorite “Pizza meets the requirements of the five food groups – it even counts as a pie!”

Needless to say I cooked up a salami-pizza before noon and we got down to business! Now I just have to figure out how to get these Homer Simpson slippers my friend Morten Spotgun bought himself in Florida. Lucky fugger!

Who is the Greater Aviator? Leonardo Dicaprio Vs. Mr Burns

Everybody was hyping the Aviator – a story about excentric millionaire moviemaker and aircraft-builder Howard Hughes – like crazy around my way. Needless to say I had my doubts as Leonardo had singlehandedly ruined Gangs Of New York although Daniel Day Lewis pulled one of the greatest villain performances ever out of his ass. I sorta enjoyed The Aviator though, but I quickly realised I had seen the whole thing before – better! Where you might ask, could you catch a better Aviator than Leo’s academy award nominated portrayal? Whereelse dummy, The Simpsons.

In the episode called $pringfield Mr. Burns mimics the role Howard Hughes to perfection and within a few minutes does everything that took Leonardo hours to show us. Here are some similarities:

* Burns and Leo portray businessmen venturing into new fields. Leo gets involved with the airplane- and movie industry, whereas Burns becomes a casinoowner. At first they both excell in their field of choice but slowly things worsen.

* They both become obsessed with germs to the point where it overtakes their intire lives.

* They start living in seclussion. Leo hides away in his home-cinema, and Burns stays in his monitor-room. Their personal hygine leaves much to be expected as well. Oh, and they both start storing their urine in bottles – freshfest!

* Both men have a pet-aviation project that seems insane to the common man. Leo wants to build a giant aircraft out of wood called the Sprouse Goose. Burns wants to build a miniature aircraft out of wood called the Sprouse Moose.

In the end there hardly seems to be any doubt that Mr. Burns is a far superior interpreter of Howard Hughes’ life, with only one flaw. Howard Hughes was such a racist that upon learning black people had used the seats of his personal cinema he never returned to it again. Burns of course employs Carl Carlson thus showing no obvious signs of bigotry.

Burns even speaks German in several episodes. Anyone who speaks German can’t be bad.