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Wrestlemania forudsigelser

Så er der Wrestlemania XXV i nat. Selv i en prædetermineret sport, er det faktisk hammersvært at forudsige, hvilken vej kampen svinger. Efter internettet er begyndt at lege med ombooker de konstant, og det er ikke længere som den gang, hvor man vidste at personen, der kom sidst ind løb med sejren og farven på Macho Man’s kluns afslørede om han løb med guldet. Jeg nåede desværre ikke at få mine Wrestlemania forudsigelser med hos mine venner hos Slagmark.com, men I skal da ikke snydes for dem. Læs videre Wrestlemania forudsigelser

Dansk wrestling på Rådderen

Så var det i dag, at der var wrestling på Rådhuspladsen. Jeg cyklede lige forbi og skød en billedserie. Højdepunkterne var afgjort da Mads Steffensen fik nogle lastelig tæv men nej-solgte hele lortet (dumme svin) og da Jens Kogle mindede mig om, at man ikke kan sige “Suplex – lige i face!”. Tjek billederne nedenfor… Læs videre Dansk wrestling på Rådderen

Obamamania is running wild!

obamamania.jpgNormally one is quick to associate wrestling with lowbrow, rednecks who certainly wouldn’t vote for women’s rights, gay rights or any other rights than the right to put the smack down on candyasses. In previous years The Rock has appeared at Republican conventions and Ric Flair is an avid supporter of Mike Huckabee. But, Barack Obama has gained a wrestling-supporter, and it’s not just any wrestler either! Læs videre Obamamania is running wild!

Rest in peace Beast From the East

Sadly Bam Bam Bigelow passed away this friday morning. He was 45 years old. Most of us will remember Bam Bam aka The Beast From The East (he represented the garden state New Jersey) as the big bald brute with flaming tattoos instead of hair who would headbutt unlucky mother-ufckers off the top rope. According to many wrestlers including Bret Hart he was one of the best, most agile big-men in wrestling, period.
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Bad News Allen ambushed on Wikipedia

Bad News Allen is known for being a sneaky wrestler. At Wrestlemania IV , when he was known as Bad News Brown, he turned on fellow heel Bret Hart in the battle royal, which started a ten year babyface run for Bret. Now his ex-wife is using my favorite non-accademic encyclopedia “Wikipedia” to do some ambushing on her own. Here’s the quote:
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Breaking news: wrestling incites to killings just like hiphop

Remember in the early 90’s when a kid was arrested for shooting a Texas State trooper upon which his defenselawyer cited that the teenager should be acquitted because he had been listening to – and inspired by – 2pac‘s “2pacalypse Now” album, which was in the tapedeck of his car at the time of his killing. Well the defense didn’t work, though it did make 2pac out to look like some type of evil agitator of random violence, and fueled a ban of rap music with violent – and just plain dirty – messages. (I’m sure later lyrics like “cop killers killing cops much props” didn’t help.)
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Holy shit and bollesuppe: My trip to International Showdown


I was recently at my first ever live wrestling event in Denmark. International Showdown rocked Langå, a small town about 15 kms from where I grew up, but a 4 hour trainride from where I live now. The afternoon show was dubbed ‘international’ due to appearence of a German tag-team and the American wrestler Cannonball Grizzly, who used to wrestle under the rapper-gimmick PN News in the 90’s (probably a play on equally overweight Prince Be of PM Dawn). 
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