There’s a horse in the hospital: the return of Dr. Octagon

Here at the hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling blog we love us some Kool Keith. Maybe it deals with the fact that the creator of the blog – me – was born on Jupiter similar to Dr. Octagon. Well, actually not born really, rather grew up on Jupiter. And it wasn’t excactly on the planet it was on a street named Jupitervej, but still – you can see the connection.

Kool Keith has always been good for a gimmick or two, Fly Ricky The Winetaster definitely being the most underrated, but his most famous to date has been Dr. Octagon. He’s now resurfaced in new form. Even though he was killed on the Dr. Dooom album, he’s apparently returned from outer space and twisted the letters of his name into Mr. Nogatco – short for National Objectives for Governmental Astral-Terrestrial Covert Operations. Phew. Anyways you can peep the site and Keith doing his dang here. Rumours have it Mr. Hill from Oldominion will be producing on it. He’s not Dan The Automator, but he’s fresh in his own right.

Also, to celebrate this I’d like to share a little Kool Keith history with my fellow motherbloggers, so here for your viewing pleasure is the extended video version for Ultramagnetic MC’s Traveling at the Speed of Thought. And if that wasn’t enough here’s a soundbite from arguably the funniest freestyle session of all time with Kool Keith and Xzibit as captain crazy ruins freestyle after freestyle by making up different sandwiches!

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