Word…Life, it ain’t nothing like the original

Yeah! OC and El The Sensei came thru and rocked the instore at City Fellaz in a major major way. El did his thing and respect to Artifacts but OC really pulled out the big guns.

Addressing the youngsters standing in front he said he felt in awe that they knew who OC and Diggin’ In The Crates were. Then asked us to throw L handsigns in the air for Big L before he launched into Dangerous, The Return of Crooklyn Dodgers, War Games and of course Time’s Up! Anyone who thinks John Cena‘s Word Life is the original article should be sure to pick up OC’s masterpiece debut Word…Life, you’ll not be disapointed.

On top of that OC was a real nice down to earth fella that even thanked me for buying the records I wanted autographed. See ’em below:

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