Bad News Allen ambushed on Wikipedia

Bad News Allen is known for being a sneaky wrestler. At Wrestlemania IV , when he was known as Bad News Brown, he turned on fellow heel Bret Hart in the battle royal, which started a ten year babyface run for Bret. Now his ex-wife is using my favorite non-accademic encyclopedia “Wikipedia” to do some ambushing on her own. Here’s the quote:

“=As a parent=
While Allen Coage has obtained glory and fame via his judo and wrestling careers, he fails seriously short as a parent. I am one of Allen’s ex-wifes (I believe he totals 3 ex-wifes and numerous ex-baby mommas) and together we had one daughter Lynnette. Hopefully, Allen will note the correct spelling of her name here as on his web site he has it spelled incorrectly. Since age 2, he has seen her a total of 2 times, both related to court mandated visits. To the best of my knowledge she has 6 half bothers and sisters, one of the half sisters is only a few months older than she is, and I believe there is at least one child in Australia that I have not counted in this number. I know Allen would be hard pressed to provide the full names and birthdates of all of his children but I would invite him to do so on this page.

Please know that I am not a bitter ex-wife, I just become very tired of his fame, when he has abandoned so many children. Lynnette, despite no parental input from Allen is now 27, and will be getting her PhD from Temple University in May 2007. It is truly a shame that he has never taken any time in all his worldly travels to see her, or to share any time at all with her. I can only assume he has treated the others in a similar manner.

I would invite all of these children to update this page with their accomplishments so they can be recognized for the contributions to our society aside from the farce of professional wrestling.”

Read the rest of the entry here, as long as they keep it up.

This is huge for the “public encyclopedia” because if posters stop referering to the people-entries as icons, it may slowly turn into a Jerry Springer-like slugfest…which should be alotta fun!

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