Ric and Vic: Nature Boy and Hate-Cha Boy

I’ve often mentioned rap and wrestling have alotta simularities. Lil’ ass Andre The Giant named himself after big ass Andre The Giant, and now there’s a new kid on the block.

Ruste Juxx from the Boot Camp Click aka Hate Cha Boy Vic Flair is obviously inspired by the legendary 17-time world champion Nature Boy Ric Flair (or Naitch as we like to call the 35 year ring-veteran). As a matter of fact Ruste not only got his name from Ric, he also pays tribute or even homage to old man Flair on the song “Indestructable” where the hook is jampacked with “woo!!!”-shoutouts. The track has been much discussed in the Danish hiphop bloggosphere, but somehow they don’t recognize the rasslin-fun. While the rest of the lyrics have less wrestling references, they do include name-dropping of the group I recently chauffeured, the line goes: “I’m Making Dollars, like a Microphone Doctor / Without a EP -take out ya whole roster!”

Peep the video on youtube here.

Lotta respect to Slick Vic the Ruler, but this post wouldn’t be complete without some vintage Flair-ism full of “woo’s”, so here go the reunion of the 4 Horsemen:

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