Nas is Lost about Lost MC’s

Second update centering around something Nas says on his new album. For some reason I’m really fascinated by his rekindled love-interest with hip-hop, because on one hand it’s cool that he’s name checking all the artists I enjoyed growing up, on the other hand it kinda seems like it’s mostly done for the sake of having a topic to rhyme about.

Take “Where are the now” for one.

Apparently it’s a rhyme about “lost” MC’s that have fallen off the radar, and even gave him ‘hip-hop rhyme of the year’ for it or some shit. But he’s been sloppy with the research because for one, shouting out people that have been dead for years like Cowboy from Furious Five, it’s self explanatory why he’s “lost”. But the main reason is that a bunch of them are alive and rhyming, and a large percentage has even been in Denmark the past year. Here’s the the list of MC’s:

Redhead Kingpin, Tim Dog, Kwame, King Tee, King Sun, Super Lover Cee, Casanova Rud, Antoinette, Rob Base, Black Sheep, Group Home, Busy Bee, Ill and Al Skratch, Special Ed, Spice 1, Positive K, Father MC, The Skinny Boys, The original Spinderella, Lakim Shabazz, 9 MM, Fu-Schnickens, Buckshot, Finesse and Sequence, Rappin’ Duke, Body and soul (and Dee Barnes), Oaktown 357, J.J. Fad, Young MC, Tone Loc, Kris Kross, The BO$$, Divine Styler, Def Jef, Mic Geronimo, Pharcyde, Coolio, Craig Mack, Funky Four Plus One, Force M.D.’s, Miss Melody, Educated Rapper, Doctor ice, Kangol (the latter three are UTFO combined), Shante, EPMD, K-Solo, Moe Dee, Cowboy, Jam-Master Jay, MC Shan, Tragedy, Craig G…

To answer the question “have you seen these lost MC’s”, here’s a big-ass YES THEY’RE IN DENMARK answer to the following in order of appearence:

Tim Dog: Performed at Rust in Copenhagen. Kick-ass show and probably the best audience response I’ve ever witnessed to a song was when the entire crowd rapped along to “Fuck Compton” rapping EVERY SINGLE LINE.

Busy Bee: Was in Copenhagen and Århus twice during the past two years as the hype-man for KRS-One. Hasn’t really updated his act much, in fact he’s stepped his rhyming down a bit from when he came out for the second time with Rhyme Syndicate in the early 90’s, and he doesn’t know that many of KRS’s lyrics.

Buckshot: The BDI Thug rocked Århus Took It 2005 with the rest of Boot Camp and Vega in Copenhagen about a year later.

Coolio: Didn’t perform in Denmark but was in Sicknature’s video for “Slip Away” and apparently flew in from Germany via helicopter.

Pharcyde: Booty Brown and Imani as Pharcyde as well as Fat Lip and Slim Kid Tre performed at Rust within the last couple years.

EPMD: Do I need to go back into that?

Craig G: Has performed in Denmark at least 6 times recently.

It’s a nice courtesy of Nas to mention rappers he feel doesn’t get enough exposure, but it’s a double-edge sword, because it can make rappers that really are on the grind seem as if they’re sitting at home on their ass. And hey, ain’t it been a while since we’ve seen Nas out here???

Read the lyrics to “Where are they now” here.

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  1. I especially find it embarassing, that Buckshot is much hotter now, than he was 5 years ago.

    So maybe he didn’t release much in 2006, but I’m still bangin’ Total Eclipse, Chemistry and Monkey Bars.
    And I’m betting he’s featured on both the new Boot Camp album, and the new Sean Price album.

  2. Just a little comment…

    Just because they show up in Denmark doesn’t mean they get any exposure or that they are still relevant today… As far as I’m concerned the only “real” mistake Nas made, was mentioning Buckshot… but anybody claiming Buckshot is better now than he was 5 years ago??? I’m not even going there…

    When have you heard any new material from these artists (I know EPMD made a couple of tracks in Holland). If I have to follow your mindframe, an artist can’t be gone as long as they are touring, (never mind if they never put out any new material).

    Anyway there are at least two others that I would categorize as being “bigger” mistakes.

    Tragedy (aka. Intelligent Hoodlum) – Released a couple of albums, most recently “Still Reporting”, new mixtape coming soon

    Kriss Kross – Are still releasing music, but it’s some kind of R’n’B, thing.

    Nas is a multi platinum recording artist, when he is asking “Where are they now?” he isn’t saying they’re gone, he’s simply saying that they’re not getting the maintream exposure they deserve… I know I shouldn’t have to explain this… but it simply seems as hating just for the sake of hating…


  3. Unfortunately I don’t have time to honor the question with a thorogh answer but I do get where you’re coming from. Let me say though that Nas mentions at least 10 other platinum and multiplatinum artists and mixes MC’s with studiorappers and DJ’s which makes the list – like much of Nas’ content on Hiphop is dead seem arbitrary. “miss melody I hope she packing a bankroll”…the only reason I can see for that line aside it rhyming with Kangol is that it’s fun saying roll – as in bun – and miss melody in the same sentense. good flow tho.

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