¡Viva el Che Homero!

homero.jpgThese days El Comandante aka Fidel Castro is passing the torch in the friendly communist dictatorship known as Cuba. Plans are his brother Raul is to take over, and noone knows what’s going to happen from hereon in. However, things would be much different if another leader was elected: Che Homero.

Che Homero is of course a conglomeration of Homer Simpson and Che Guevara. Homer Jay Simpson being a proud father, nuclear safety technician and resident of Springfield, some state, USA and Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna being an Argentine born freedom fighter and part of the communist revolte in Cuba, 1956-1959. So throw together some love for beer and doughnuts with some love for freedom and military strategy and you have Che Homero.

The real life Che Guevara was hunted down and executed by the CIA in Bolivia in 1967, but his legend has lived on and inspired movements such as the Black Panthers and artists like Rage Against The Machine. As a matter of fact, many people I went to school with believed Che to be the leadsinger of Rage Against The Machine, due to them using the iconic picture of his face as their logo.

I received the Che Homero shirt as a present from my friend Morten Spotgun, whom the loyal reader(s) will remember is the proud owner of a set of Homer Simpson slippers. He got it for cheap during a travel to Bolivia and figured I’d enjoy it more than a postcard. How right he was!

While this shirt of Che Homero might be slightly bootleggy, Che Guevara was actually referenced in Simpsons episode “Who Shot Mr Burns pt 2” in which a nightclub was cheekily named “Chez Guevara”.

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  1. I love it! I just got back from Bolivia yesterday – with my very own Che Homero t-shirt.

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