Obamamania is running wild!

obamamania.jpgNormally one is quick to associate wrestling with lowbrow, rednecks who certainly wouldn’t vote for women’s rights, gay rights or any other rights than the right to put the smack down on candyasses. In previous years The Rock has appeared at Republican conventions and Ric Flair is an avid supporter of Mike Huckabee. But, Barack Obama has gained a wrestling-supporter, and it’s not just any wrestler either!

Hulk Hogan appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and was asked who he was supporting, and he said that the only guy making sense and telling it like it is, is Obama, brotha! Hogan himself has been known to be a bit of a lockerroom politician and creative with the truth, but I still say good for him. And this was actually way back in january, before Obama won pretty much every showdown in all of february, so it’s not even like he’s jumping on the bandwaggon.

Here’s the clip from Jimmy Kimmel.

Here’s a funny Real American remake.

So remember kids, at least the kids in America (wo-ow), to train, say your prayers, eat your, ehem, vitamins and vote for Barack Obama! Cause whatcha gonna do Hillary Clinton, when Obamamania runs wild on yoooooouuuuu!

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  1. Wow, i never thought that Hulk Hogan votes the Democrats.
    Does anybody know which wrestlers are democrats or republican voters???

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