Trouble on Myspace: DJ Scratch vs. Scratchator

So I’m a big fan of Myspace. I’ve added Rakim, The Rocker Marty Janetty and numerous other legends to my profile within the first week. Each time I add someone I usually leave a quick comment telling the person I really respect their work or whatnot. They usually never reply if they’re bignamed artists, but all of a sudden I got an email answer back – from none other than the legendary DJ Scratch from EPMD!

Oh joy, I thought, but come to show it’s not a pretty e-mail. See I had sent him a comment calling him Scratchator, thinking that was his new name while performing for Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes is fund of dinosaurs so it’d make sense with the namechange (remember the line “I always roam thru the forest / like a brontosaurus” from Abandon Ship). How ever this was not the case. See, this was the DJ Scratch that had produced for EPMD, PMD, FLIPMODE and a host of others. The one who had brung it back, when Erick Sermon asked “Yo Paul, bring it back” and the one who won numerous DJ contests, sometimes while scratching with his penis. However, DJ Scratchator he was not. In fact he thought that DJ Scratchator was a bit of a poser, as you can see by our following e-mail conversation:

In any case I wish DJ Scratch good luck in his career, and as it says on his website: there are many DJ’s named Scratch – but only one is legendary. See you next update, I’m off to offend more people on Myspace!

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