Acey and I

So I met Aceyalone last night. That’s pretty crunk if I may say so myself. Even in you’re a diehard hiphophead you might not know him, or know of his total impact. But for the knownots just imagine he’s like Rakim and Kool Keith wrapped together in a west coast package. First he rocked a hella good show, then afterwards he shook hands and auto’ed agraphs. As you know I collect, so that’s a nice addition. Thanks to the good people at Mid Week Brakes for letting me in and even attempting to set up an impromtu interview. Short update. I’ll leave you with this:

“Maybe y’all can fall in y’all zone, if all y’all get a little more stoned, ring ding ding, there’s a call on the phone *hold up who dis?*…it’s ACEYALONE!!!” – Golden Mic.

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