The hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling blog gets a rating system

As I’ve decided to review and/or insult items, events, people and such related to hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling I figured we needed a personalised rating system. While based on Siskel and Ebert’s thumb system, it is personalised by the use of foam fingers.

The foam fingers were bought at two different wrestling events; The Hulkamania foam finger is from the WWF European Rampage in Kiel’s Kieler Ostsee Halle in 1991, and the other at Summer Slam at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1992. They carry the following meaning:

2 foamfingers up: The epitome of greatness. Best thing event. Past, present or future classic.

1 foamfinger up: Pretty cool. Worth spending time on. May have flaws but more than makes up for this in other areas.

No foamfingers: It could go either way. Nothing that would make or break your day.

1 foamfinger down: Definitely not the way to go, and if it does have positive aspects they are overshadowed by the negatives.

2 foamfingers down: How sucky can you get? This sucky!

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