Breaking news: wrestling incites to killings just like hiphop

Remember in the early 90’s when a kid was arrested for shooting a Texas State trooper upon which his defenselawyer cited that the teenager should be acquitted because he had been listening to – and inspired by – 2pac‘s “2pacalypse Now” album, which was in the tapedeck of his car at the time of his killing. Well the defense didn’t work, though it did make 2pac out to look like some type of evil agitator of random violence, and fueled a ban of rap music with violent – and just plain dirty – messages. (I’m sure later lyrics like “cop killers killing cops much props” didn’t help.)

Now within recent months we’ve seen the WWE wrestling company come under the same kind of fire. First when an Indonesian father made claims that his son was beaten to death by kids imitating wrestling. This called for a ban of the TV show Smackdown! which the kids had been watching. No reports on whether WWE sisterbrand RAW, which shows equally violent but oftentime less sophisticated wrestling should be banned also.

So the new news is a German teenager who beat a homeless man to death after repeatedly losing in the playstation videogame “Smack Down Vs. RAW 2006”. Aside from gaming the kid had also been drinking one beer, two bottles of wine and a bottle of unnamed chocolate liqiuour (knowing Germans it was probably Dooley’s). There are also reports that he’s a Nazi and a white supremist hooligan, yet the video game remains in focus, calling for a ban of all violent video games.

You can read the story in German here, and WWE’s translated story here.

Horrible news of course, and I pray 2007 won’t be the year that we see the first Simpsons-related killing, ’cause then this blog’d really be in trouble.

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