Moe thinks Haystacks Calhoun is a great man

moehaystacks.jpgFew times does The Simpsons make mention of prowrestlers by name, but in a recent season 18 episode named “Moe n’a Lisa” it happened again.

When Lisa has to do a report on a special person she choses Moe Szyslak, the bartender and proprietor of Moe’s Tavern, due to his tormented, and allegedly artistic, soul. His reply to the offered report is the following:

“How come you wanna do a report on me, I ain’t no great man like Bob Segar or Haystacks Calhoun”.

This is actually a pun, play on words, double entendre if you will. Because Haystacks Calhoun was indeed a great man. Wrestling mostly in the ’60’s he’s said to have weighed more than 600 lbs with a hillbilly-gimmick who got his enormous strenth from lifting huge haystacks. In the 70’s, however, when Andre The Giant became the talk of the wrestling world, Haystacks was overlooked – as impossible as that sounds – until his retirement.

Another presumed fan of Haystacks Calhoun is the white southern rapper, Bubba Sparxxx-ripoff, Haystak whose stature somewhat resembles the legendary wrestler.

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