Me & Sidney Lee: Danish wrestling made it to national TV

Last month I attended the first televised Danish wrestling show ever. I had a blast, met a bunch of the superstars and even brought home some fantastic memorabilia. There are no particular The Simpsons and hardly any hip-hop references in this post, so this is strictly for the people into good’ole rasslin!

I had booked a ring-side ticket in advance for the show via a an inside-connect. It cost me less than half of a standard hip-hop concert, so that easily goes to show how underrated wrestling is and how overpriced hip-hop is. Ahem, anyway, I travelled to the venue in Fredericia one-man-gang style, meaning by myself not by 747.

Before the show they taped an MC’s Fight Night sketch, so I got to meet my friends Jøden and Michael MC. Jøden has always had a heart for wrestling and dubbed himself The IRS Man since he was suited up, so naturally the sketch was met with enthusiasm from the crowd.

The show itself was very good. The dark matches (i.e. non-televised) had superb wrestling and the televised part had both good storytelling and excellent in-ring work. I had broght an “Ordentlig Sygt”-sign for the crazy spots and an ”Ihr seid Schwul”-sign for the German wrestlers. You can notice them from time to time in the live-cast. Before the Kimball Vs. Cannonball Grizzly match two violinists were performing which let to a Grizzly walk-in and him clubbering Kimball, which looked a little like this:

Unfortunately Kimball was hurt pretty bad during the match. Not by Cannonball (who weighs in at 400 lbs) Grizzly’s suicide dive out the ring and on to poor Kimball, nor by an of the huge splashes, but apparently his collarbone was torn out of place by something simple like a push or a kick-out. So that sucks for him. However, sitting ringside enabled me to grab the handle of the broken violin, which is a really cool piece of memorabilia. I plan to hang it on my wall sometime.

Aside from that there was tons of other fun stuff going on. I got to shake hands with Kool Krede, Raptor, Chaos, Mr PPV, Madsen, Ref Lenskjold and for a while I even sat next to local wrestling talent Punisher, which made the action a lot more interesting to follow. Also shoutout to FunkMastah who’s a freestylerapper from Aalborg that shares my passion for wrestling.

As you can tell by the intro-pic I also met Sidney Lee. He was one of the characters on “Blod, Sved og Springskaller” who wanted to try-out for wrestling and failed horribly. You can tell how horribly by reading wrestling coach Mr PPV’s post about him.

Still he was a fun guy, really nice about posing for the photo, and replaces every other line with English catch-phrases like I do. He’s probably a legend in his own mind and I hope he finds somewhere cool to broadcast himself to people without risking his own and other’s health. I noticed on one board, apparently about weightlifting, or as we say in the biz: roiding up, that they had some sound advice for Sidney Lee such as, ‘Don’t let Chaos put you in a leglock’ and ‘Don’t turn your back on him’. This lead me to conclude that there actually are people out there way dumber than Sidney: hey fellas – it’s all a work!

I can definitely recommend going to these wrestling shows as the atmosphere, although a little country, is insanely captivating. Most of the moves come across way better at the venue and just getting to sit by the action and have the wrestlers swear at you from the ring while you drink beer and chant ensures you really getting bang for the buck. If you can’t make it to the live shows (for instance X-Mas Hardcore in Horsens) DR still has the (almost) live show finale online.

You can view it here, and check out the website here. The show is worth watching for Michael Madsens kick-ass commentary alone.

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