Old kids on the block

I always found it funny someone would refer to themselves as “kid” long into adulthood. Nas, who’s in his mid-30’s constantly says stuff like “like my girl Foxy, the kid went deaf/Def” and “the kid got his chipped-tooth fixed”. But even moreso it’s hilarious when someone chooses kid as a name, ‘cause either their careers will only last as long as childstar actors (IE until their voice changes or they pick up a nasty coke-habit) or they’ll be some old-ass kids on the block.

Here’s a few examples:

Kid Creole (b. 1963): Melle Mel’s younger brother from Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five. Apparently he was the best at rapping with an echo-chamber of the five, but he’s not really known for much aside his very long non-curly hairdo and the invention of the line “Yes, Yes Y’all”. Still the Kid Creole. as he prophesised. remains solid gold.

Whiz Kid, (b. 1965): Recorded the electro-rap “Play that beat” with GLOBE released on Tommy Boy. Tragically died in the mid-80’s.

Kid from Kid n Play (b. 1964): known for his crazy-ass haircut resembling a Tetris-block and the House Party flicks. After his rap career was over he tried to make as a comedian, but it turned out he’s not very funny. These days he’s best remembered for Chino Xl’s hilarious punchline: “You’re rap-style is Kid ‘n Play…cause you ain’t gonna hurt noboooody”.

Kid Frost, (b. 1964): One of the first Los Angeles rappers along with Ice-T. Pioneered the usage of Spanglish in rhymes, for instance on the classic “La Raza”. I think he’s in one of Grand Theft Auto games as well.

Fresh Kid Ice, (b. 1965): Aka the China Man aka Chris Wong Won. A part of the original 2 Live Crew known for their ‘blue humour’ lyrics such as “face down ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck” and “lick me in the ass ‘til your tongue turns doo-doo brown”. Fresh Kid Ice has probably the most 80’s name ever, as it literally (since it’s a name dummy) combines three of the most used words of that decade.

Kid Capri, (b. 1966): Legendary Puerto Rican Bronx DJ. Still rocks parties such as The VH1 HipHop Honours Show. Did beats for KRS-One when that was a feat worth mentioning. Pioneered shouting really loud on mixtapes.

Kid Rock, (b.1971): You may not think of the Detroit rocker as hiphop (nor should you), but his first DJ was actually D-Nice, who is now Puffy’s DJ…awesome.


Kid Rodriguez, (b. 1974): A rapper from Aarhus with a Mexican gimmick. Was a lot more fun than it sounds in typing.

TrooLS The Kid, (b. 1982): The youngest kid on the block, and even he’s in his early 20’s.

So there you have it. Hopefully someone will pick up the name Todd The Toddler or Infamous Infant to outdo these ‘youngsters’ in the new year. Speaking of that…HAPPY NEW YEAR MOTHERBLOGGERS!!

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  1. Hey, honourable mentions must go to people who somehow managed to slip under the radar by incorporating the “kid” in their names – people like Rune T. KIDde and Nicole KIDman..

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