Can you smeeeeeeeell what Coolio’s cooking?

It always sucks when my girlfriend is funnier than me. Couple days ago I told her Coolio had a cooking show. Her reply was:

“What’s he cooking?! CRACK?!”

For the knownots Coolio was an admitted crackaddict who turned his life around as a firefighter before his rap career took off. Now his rap career isn’t really taking him anywhere, so he’s got a cooking show. Mostly cooking Italian styled meals, which is nice for us Jamie Oliver. The show is kinda corny, but you can take a peak at an episode below:

Goddamn Coolio, what you shootin’ fo’?

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  1. I am actualy a little disappointed as I thought you was going to announce that Coolio had a new smash album about to come out and take the world by storm.

    I still have a copy of his big Gangsta’s Paradise album from 1995. :)

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