Fona gives hiphoppers the A-HA experience

Now, before I go into my rant, let it be known that ever since Fona gave me a PSP and 5 games for rapping 15 minutes at a company party they’ve been AOK with me. But this simply will not stand. Sometimes, someone has to draw a line somewhere in the sand. This ain’t Nam, it ain’t even The Falklands and I’m not going to take it!

Imagine if you will, the mothers, fathers, uncles, grandparents and significant others in general out there wishing to buy presents for the hiphopper in the family. They get Fona’s ad-mag in the mail, and think, what an easy way to locate the perfect gift for the family black sheep. Naturally they look to the rap section – cheekily titled “rap julemusik”. Here we find 50 Cent, Jokeren, Outlandish, Gorillaz, LOC and… A-HA!?

That’s right, A friggin Ha of Take On Me fame are listed as rap?! Next thing you know Bent Fabric is jungle and Bing Crosby is grime?! I urge all the muthabloggers out there to go to Fona, and voice your complaint, so we can all avoid getting the A-HA Analogue album for X-mas.

To send you off on a pleasant vibe, here’s DJ Yoda’s remix of Take On Me from the How To Cut And Paste The 80’s mixtape!

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