Not Ms. Teasley but Gisli be doin’ his dang!

One of my favorite rappers is this guy called Gisli. As you can tell by the name he’s of Islandic descent, but got all his street knowledge dippin’ thru the back-streets of Horsens.

He’s known for his ability to bring his creativity into projects with great variation. You may remember him from my autograph post, in which he had signed his first EP, which was straight hiphop, but since then he’s rocked everything from jazz-hop with the Lucie Baines trio to bossanova rap with legendary house-dj Kenneth Bager. In all the projects his managed to convey his own style with a passionate and very sencire delivery. As of right now you can check him soon guesting Ibi Støvrings new song and video.

What people may not know is dude is heavily into down-south rap. Not just in the regular “My main influences are Jay-Z and Rakim but I can listen to Scarface and Andre3000 without becoming physical ill”-way, he is a genuine fan of everything from Three 6 Mafia to Trick Daddy and Lil Jon. That said he’s also way nerdy in some areas, and at more than one occation I’ve dared him to rhyme Gisli on Ms. Teasley the principal of West Beverly High from Beverly Hills 90210.

He combined my request with his passion for the dirty-dirty and made an impromptu rhyme on his site, you can find it listed as “podcast”. This is indeed a joyous occation for the hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling blog, as it gives me the chance to crack open the brand new foamfinger system. Here’s the grade:

That’s right, Gisli and his rhyme, not to mention his combination of dirty south and shout to yours truly gives him the highest rating possible and sets the bar high for all future material to be rated.

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