Gimmie dat design foo, it’s the blog with a new look

As you may have noticed, I’ve tried to change the look of the hip-hop, the simpsons and wrestling blog lately. Upon doing so I figured a selfmade background would be more stylish than something readymade. Yet, I just don’t have the time for a great design at the moment, so I ended up stealing one from Koba of Model Minority, an awsome rapper who I hung out with on mIRC back in the day-o.

Neat, right?

When I get the time I’ll hit you with something designed just for the blog, but as the following update should disclose I’m kinda hung up these days :-) Oh, and by the way, my counter was somehow reset doing the process, so if you check it, it doesn’t mean I’ve had zero trafic – though probably close to it – just that it hasn’t be tallied.

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