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Så går der ikke mange dage minutter før DUBCNN #9 udkommer. Jeg havde egentlig skrevet en længere smøre om min tur til Rock The Bells festivalen, men den er der desværre ikke blevet plads til. Om det er på grund af den bovlamme rimede intro, at den er blevet bortcensureret skal her være usagt. Men læserne på ptas.dk skal selvfølgelig ikke snydes for at høre, hvor sjovt jeg har haft det… Læs videre ROCK THE BELLS 2010… DE GAMLE HELTE FÅR HIPHOP FESTIVAL OP AT RINGE

Reaping the benefits of blogging

As the mighty Stetsasonic once proclaimed on Talkin’ All That Jazz “What you reap is what you sow”, well after having rocked this funky blog for over a year, some blogging benefits are starting to show.

First off, when my friend Ann Noyd, multitalented artist and hip-hop commentator, traveled to Japan she was kind enough to bring me back a present. Now this is from Tokyo so it could really have been anything ranging from sushi to ricecakes. But knowing my passion for professional wrestling from The hip-hop, the simpsons and wrestling blog, she brought me something from the Tokyo dome. The Tokyo dome plays host to many events but New Japan Pro Wrestling also have their events here, and wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk and Chris Benoit have wrestled in it, and of course national legends such as Antonio Inoko (owner) and Masahiro Chono have had their share of glory within the squared circle there.

In any case she brought me back an awsome New Japan Pro Wrestling mini-titlebelt which is now prominently featured attatched to my mp3-player. Thanks a million Ann!

Secondly and more related to blogging as such and not so much The hip-hop, the simpsons and wrestling as blogging in general the people behind Gam3 streetbasket have asked me to be their liveblogger for their annual tour around Denmark’s streetbasket courts. While I’m most certainly appreciative, it comes as a slight surprise as my prior engagement to Gam3 included a rap-set for their finale-show in Copenhagen, which I guess went all right. The second set the same night at Rust, however, did far from that, as I had no DJ, was slightly tipsy and only had the instrumental for one song. This resulted in me doing a sort of stand-up act comprised of blue humour and vicious personal insults.

In other words, the good people at Gam3 are either really overbearing or do in fact read this blog from time to time. I definitely give daps to them also, and look forward to their tour round the country in the beginning of July. Come check us out!

Gimmie dat design foo, it’s the blog with a new look

As you may have noticed, I’ve tried to change the look of the hip-hop, the simpsons and wrestling blog lately. Upon doing so I figured a selfmade background would be more stylish than something readymade. Yet, I just don’t have the time for a great design at the moment, so I ended up stealing one from Koba of Model Minority, an awsome rapper who I hung out with on mIRC back in the day-o.

Neat, right?

When I get the time I’ll hit you with something designed just for the blog, but as the following update should disclose I’m kinda hung up these days :-) Oh, and by the way, my counter was somehow reset doing the process, so if you check it, it doesn’t mean I’ve had zero trafic – though probably close to it – just that it hasn’t be tallied.

The hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling blog gets a rating system

As I’ve decided to review and/or insult items, events, people and such related to hiphop, the simpsons & wrestling I figured we needed a personalised rating system. While based on Siskel and Ebert’s thumb system, it is personalised by the use of foam fingers.

The foam fingers were bought at two different wrestling events; The Hulkamania foam finger is from the WWF European Rampage in Kiel’s Kieler Ostsee Halle in 1991, and the other at Summer Slam at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1992. They carry the following meaning:

2 foamfingers up: The epitome of greatness. Best thing event. Past, present or future classic.

1 foamfinger up: Pretty cool. Worth spending time on. May have flaws but more than makes up for this in other areas.

No foamfingers: It could go either way. Nothing that would make or break your day.

1 foamfinger down: Definitely not the way to go, and if it does have positive aspects they are overshadowed by the negatives.

2 foamfingers down: How sucky can you get? This sucky!

I have a blog!?


I musta just plum forgot.

Anyways, summer came early round here. (assumingly as compensation for spring being about a season late) so I’ve been spending alotta time in the real world.

What’s really good? Well, I’ve been hired as a judge for The MC’s Fight Night competition after 6 years of loyal freestyle service, of course I’m really grateful for that. I’ve caught up on The Simpsons again – having seen all the episodes of season 17 so far, hopefully there’ll be some blogging about that.

Thursday I was the host at a one-day hip-hop festival in Elsinor. It was all kinda hectic, but I did get to hang out with J-Ro and watch an awsome showcase by Warlocks in front of 10 people at 2 o’clock at night.

So now that me and the blog be reacqainted I promise to hit y’all off with some more fun stuff in the nearer future.

Shoutout to all y’all motherbloggers + myspace-profile!

Well well, they said it was a pipe-dream. Noone wanted to hear about neither hiphop, the simpsons nor wrestling. Yet here we are, around 30 (thirty!) tune into the blog each and every day to see what’s going on. This is the moment, where I take time out to thank all the people, that are sending readers my way by having me on their blog, website or whatever else media that generates links:

Frednukes: my talented friend who is as passionate about tv-watching as myself. Once we contemplated making a duo called Cable Guys, cause we like tv + we’re as annoying as Jim Carey in that movie.

Kimblim: Caretaker and general manager of hiphop.dk. Known to his friends and enemies as Kim-internet, and constantly gets stalked by cleaning ladies at work.

Krede: Professional wrestler from Denmark. Do I need to write it again? Professional wrestler from DENMARK!?

Per.tv: Home of Per Vers, the incredible, lyrical and original.

Ane Marte: Miss Kensington, who now recides at Berkeley University in California. More on that campus in a coming update.

Opsang.dk: Who host my files and will eventually be the home of Jokke I’et, a nice young man.

Dennis Flux: Wrestling fanatic and younger brother of Orama, my one time partner in rhyme.

Rapspot.dk: Recently mentioned me in an update about blogging, generating mad traffic.

Startout.dk: Dol Gun makes sure the hip-hop, the simpsons and wrestling blog gets nuff mentions!

Benno.newsvine.com: Political aware blogger that mentioned our battle for evil corporation owner supremacy.

That be it. I thank the people behind the linking from the bottom of my heart. Or maybe even below the heart, in the subcockle area. Maybe from the liver, maybe the kidney. Maybe even from the colon, I don’t know. But thank you!

In other moves. I’ve gotten a myspace profile. That means you can check some rhyme and reason from yours truly on myspace.com/petepta. Make sure to add me as a friend on there, and everything will be freshfest like it was 86 again!

The premiere of the PTA blog for all you nasty motherbloggers out there!

Welcome to the blog of Hip-Hop, The Simpsons & Wrestling. This page is meant as an outlet for my writings about the stuff I find interesting in contemporary American pop-culture.

Now I’m no great pop-art fan or particularly enjoy prog rock or any of the many other forms that American pop-culture can be found in – I just happen to like hip-hop, The Simpsons and wrestling a whole lot.

So in the future expect a bunch of updates about these subjects aswell as other crud I find interesting and possibly links to my various other undertakings.