Shoutout to all y’all motherbloggers + myspace-profile!

Well well, they said it was a pipe-dream. Noone wanted to hear about neither hiphop, the simpsons nor wrestling. Yet here we are, around 30 (thirty!) tune into the blog each and every day to see what’s going on. This is the moment, where I take time out to thank all the people, that are sending readers my way by having me on their blog, website or whatever else media that generates links:

Frednukes: my talented friend who is as passionate about tv-watching as myself. Once we contemplated making a duo called Cable Guys, cause we like tv + we’re as annoying as Jim Carey in that movie.

Kimblim: Caretaker and general manager of Known to his friends and enemies as Kim-internet, and constantly gets stalked by cleaning ladies at work.

Krede: Professional wrestler from Denmark. Do I need to write it again? Professional wrestler from DENMARK!? Home of Per Vers, the incredible, lyrical and original.

Ane Marte: Miss Kensington, who now recides at Berkeley University in California. More on that campus in a coming update. Who host my files and will eventually be the home of Jokke I’et, a nice young man.

Dennis Flux: Wrestling fanatic and younger brother of Orama, my one time partner in rhyme. Recently mentioned me in an update about blogging, generating mad traffic. Dol Gun makes sure the hip-hop, the simpsons and wrestling blog gets nuff mentions! Political aware blogger that mentioned our battle for evil corporation owner supremacy.

That be it. I thank the people behind the linking from the bottom of my heart. Or maybe even below the heart, in the subcockle area. Maybe from the liver, maybe the kidney. Maybe even from the colon, I don’t know. But thank you!

In other moves. I’ve gotten a myspace profile. That means you can check some rhyme and reason from yours truly on Make sure to add me as a friend on there, and everything will be freshfest like it was 86 again!

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