Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Shoe

dougshoe.jpgSo I was chatting with my friend KimBlim and told him I had just bought the illest sneaks. His guesses for sneaks of choice was that it was either “Homer Air” or “Jake The Snake Superstars”. Man was he close to the mark!

Actually it’s the Doug E Fresh Clyde Puma from the Yo! MTV Raps Puma collection. I’ve never really been hip to the sneaker-game and the last three pairs of shoes I’ve gotten have either been sponsored or won in contests, but this time I simply had to move. Not only is Doug E Fresh aka The World’s Greatest Entertainer one of my favorite MC’s – I buy his old material religiously and “The Show bw La Di Da Di” is top 1 on my ‘best 12 inches’-list. I’m also a huge Yo! MTV Raps fan – people with Danish reading skills can read my article about the music video phenomenon here.

So when I heard about the sneaker I went online and found out it’s a huge collection with stuff from Big Daddy Kane, Cash Money, MC Shan and Doctor Dre and Ed Lover. In reality the Big Daddy Kane sneaker looks fresh as hell too, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get that. At Foot Locker where I bought it they only had Doug E, a lime-green DJ Cash Money and two generic types that simply said “Yo!”. The shoe it self is supercool, black and white with baby-boy blue graffiti bubbles, Doug E written on one and Fresh on the other. The sole-inlay says “All the way to Heaven”, which is a cool tribute to everyone’s fave Christian-hopper. You also get cool acessories; two extra pair of shoe-laces, one in baby-boy blue and one covered with Yo!-logos.

Just wanted to share my shoe-shopping with you out there, if you purchase anything from the line, or figure out where you can buy the jackets, holla at a blogger!

Doug E Fresh is looking for friends @ Myspace! You can check him and last year’s American Idol runner-up doing a rendition of The Show below:

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