Me & Muggs: I met a Simpsons character!!

So, I’m back on the blog like I’s Quincy Jones cirka ’89… Granted I haven’t been great at keeping y’all up to date, and let’s be real, I’ll probably forget to do so again soon. But for now, here’s some cool isht: I met a Simpsons character in real life. You may remember the episode Homerpalooza, where Homer quits his job (again) to become a human cannonball stopper on a Lollapalooza-inspired rock-tour. One of the bands playing the tour is the legendary Cypress Hill and of course their DJ/producer was none other than DJ Muggs, leader of The Soul Assassins.

I got the chance to meet the man for an interview I did for ActionSpeax magazine. He was an absolute gentleman, answered all my questions, signed my Cypress record and even gave me his new album with Sick Jacken and some mixtapes. However, on the way home I was kinda bummed I didn’t get a photo with him because it’s not often you get to meet someone who’s been transformed into a yellow skinned, four-fingered character on our favorite cartoon show. Well well, the day after, he was DJ’ing the afterparty at Aarhus Took It, so we snapped this shot together there. Check me out mean-mugging:

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